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The first issue that faces the newly moved expat is how and where to start looking for a decent residence in a decent neighborhood without being over charged for not knowing the language of the host country. With our digital world, there are many options out there either going to facebook and looking for groups of foreigners who live in Istanbul or searching some websites that serves such purpose, or if you are already in Turkey, search for “emlak ajans” and read the ads the posted on the shop front shield.

When it comes to living in Turkey, floor level is a one of the important factors that affects the price dramatically.

Here is a list of the best Turkish websites that lists available apartments for rent that at least give you an indication about the prices, always remember to bargain.

You can go from your browser, or even better download the app. It supports English. The only properties app that supports English language as the time of writing this article. It is the most famous app that many construction agencies and real estate agents are listing their properties at. The good thing, you can find services, cars, furniture, sport goods, and many others. There are many parameters you can play with when looking for apartment including price range, size, no. of rooms, which floor, furnished or not..etc. it supports search on map where you can pick your desired neighborhood and dive through it.

Download the app and with little knowledge of some Turkish language you can make your way through the main screen. Kiralik means for rent, Konut means residence and Daire means apartment. You can adjust the price range, the city and the neighborhood, the area, number of rooms, floor, amenities.. etc. Or you can just set the price range “fiyat” and search then select “harita” that means map and look up on the map to see the available properties. Keep in mind Kot means the floors below ground level, giris kat means entry level floor, Bahce Kat means street level floor “small windows near the ground”, and Kat means floor#.

Just like Hurryiet emlak, download the app and start digging using the same parameters you used before. You can search newly established projects as well here. The cool thing about zingat, when you put your phone in landscape orientation it gives you more information about the price range of this apartment in this area, the increase or decrease of the rents in the specified region.

Things to take in consideration

When you rent through an agency, they take 1 month rent as commission, 1 month rent up front, and 1 month rent as guarantee in case you messed up something in the apartment they will deduct that from the rent, but in case you have not, we wish, the guarantee will be given back to you fully.

It is better to rent directly from the owner to save the commission for yourself, to do that when you search in the above apps, remember to check “sahibinden”.

When you find an apartment that suits you, make sure to look for reviews about the neighborhood whether it is safe at night and how close to public transportations.

You can also ask the landlord about the public transportations and how to get to local market and other facilities those interests you.

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